• I only have the unit test setup in JavaScript/TypeScript. Do I need to turn it into Solidity?

    Yes. Ping us if you have any difficulty when doing this. We can do the porting or help you debug through a call.

  • I don’t know how to define invariants for my project. Can you help me?

    Yes. For early-access projects, we are working out some invariants to share with you. We can also guide you how to turn some unit test into an invariant through a call.

  • How can I know whether the invariants made by us make sense or not?

    Ping us and we can review the invariants together! Also, make sure that the test contract written by you can be correctly compiled. Since our framework is compatible with foundry, you can verify this by running forge build before pushing the commit. If you are not familiar with forge (installation instruction), we can schedule a call to go through it.