Running Tests on the Cloud

Before running tests on the Narya platform, ensure that your project is set up on the platform and that you have granted permission to the Narya GitHub App. For more information, refer to this document.

Access the Narya web application at

Monitoring Branch

Narya monitors the pnm-tests branch in the repository. Whenever a new commit is pushed, the Narya platform automatically runs tests on it. If you wish to use a different branch for monitoring, please contact us.

Monitoring Folder

All tests under the test folder will be run by the engine. To better organize your tests, we recommend placing invariant tests under the test/invariants folder.

Running Simulations

A simulation can run indefinitely, but the simulation iteration number and coverage are not linear. The engine will stop automatically once it is confident enough about the coverage.

Viewing Test Results

You can view the results for the latest pushed commit in the monitoring branch on the Narya dashboard at

Dashboard Page

If assertions fail and tests break, the engine generates a report.

Tests Page

Clicking the call sequence card will take you to the call trace page, where you can see the entire trace for the simulation. It provides a lot of details that can help you understand what is happening and why the assertions or tests failed.

Report Page

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